Data minimisation – It’s time for firms to get up to speed

Around 2.5 quintillion bytes worth of data are now being generated every day? In 2019, there were 4.4 zettabytes (ZB) of data in the digital universe. By 2020, that figure had increased tenfold to 44 ZB and is forecast to reach 200 ZB by 2025. This is a landscape in which data must be tamed or it threatens to overwhelm us or trip us up. It’s one in which data minimisation is critical for everyone, not least law firms which otherwise risk falling foul of cybercriminals, inefficiency, clients and regulators. The problem is that all too often firms aren’t doing data minimisation well – which could be very costly for them in all sorts of ways.

iCompli assists law firms across the globe manage their retention and disposition policies seamlessly and securely by providing a single view of all physical and electronic assets, across multiple information repositories. Our platform simplifies and automates retention, disposition, and overall compliance by:

  • Creating rules and prioritisations for managing records retention regardless of whether the document is physical or electronic or where it is stored.
  • Applying review and disposition dates across all content for a specific matter or client, as well as accommodating exceptions.
  • Triggering disposition workflows and alerts to individuals or teams when files are due for review or disposition.

iCompli also fully integrates with the core systems used by firms, to ensure that compliance obligations are met in real time regardless of where your client or admin content resides.