We have unparalleled LegalKEY expertise over 20 years

Staying with LegalKEY?

Need LegalKEY support?

We provide support services for LegalKEY Records in many of the world’s largest law firms. Our understanding of the LegalKEY Records system and database is without peer.

LegalRM are proud to boast the team responsible for implementing many of the original LegalKEY Records installations in local and global firms.

Through our LegalKEY experience and expertise, we are able to offer unparalleled technical support and consultancy services. These include carrying out LegalKEY audits, data cleansing and conversions.

We have further developed and deployed into the largest firms in the world a number of solutions on top of the LegalKEY Records product, including:

  • Mobile Records Center – for real time remote working, file deliveries, audits and inventories
  • Label Suite
  • Reporting Suite – with data extract
  • Records Lifecycle Center

Our unparalleled experience in LegalKEY deployments will ensure that your expectations are fully met, and that the full benefit of LegalKEY is brought to bear on your records management issues.

(LegalKEY is a trademark of OpenText Corporation)

Looking to transition from LegalKEY?


Speak with our LegalKEY experts and allow us to show you why iCompli is the preferred solution for law firms moving from LegalKEY.

iCompli’s intuitive, interactive tools help users to be self-reliant, reducing need for support.

iCompli has a number of user features similar to LegalKEY, making the transition painless with great user adoption levels.

  • iCompli can run on all the latest Windows Server and SQL Server versions, and will run on all versions to come. LegalKEY is no longer supported on Windows Server versions later than 2005 or SQL Server versions after 2000, except in 2000 Compatibility Mode, which is expected to have a limited shelf-life.
  • iCompli has a smoother, cleaner interface for the user.
    It is more flexible and more easily adopted by practice assistants and the business.
  • iCompli is more stable. If ADT closes, users lose their information. With iCompli, the information is retained in saved searches, saved carts and grids, all of which is portable between sessions and offices/locations.
  • iCompli has Double Byte character recognition, enabling international office requirements that call for different character sets (Chinese, Arabic, etc).
  • iCompli has Multi-Language Support, enabling local language settings for international offices.
  • iCompli is Cloud-ready and can be hosted on-premise or on Microsoft’s Azure platform. This means a lower total cost of ownership, faster delivery capabilities and increased levels of support.
  • iCompli has Label Customization and an open approach so labels can be printed cost-effectively on standard printers using Avery labels.
  • iCompli has Two-way Offsite Storage Integration with reconciliation and billing modules in order to verify receipt of files/boxes sent offsite and costs charged by storage companies.
  • iCompli has Policy Integration with document management systems. This gives you holistic information management and governance with full audit trail and certification of decisions. This includes movement of content, retention AND disposition!
  • With iCompli you can easily apply Ethical Walls (Information Barriers) at up to 9 different levels (Office, Department, Practice Area, Client, Matter, SubMatter, File, SubFile, Document). LegalKEY is limited in its abilities.
  • iCompli offers two levels of Legal Hold application, full and pending, to assist with real world working practices, all with full snapshot capability and reporting for evidence purposes.
  • iCompli offers Web APIs for bi-directional integrations so you can update data in iCompli and retrieve it from iCompli to update other systems. All client, matter, staff, ethical walls, legal hold and OCG terms can be updated in real time, without delays or re-keying of information.
  • All iCompli metadata, including Client, Matter, and Staff changes, is held in logs for searching and finding of folders at a future date. This is vital when matters, clients or even staff members change names and content cannot be easily found.
  • The iCompli database structure is much less complicated than that of LegalKEY, allowing for simpler custom integrations.
  • iCompli has a dedicated Mobile version, automatically displayed when you access your information from a mobile phone or small tablet. This gives flexibility and mobility to Records staff, and delivers easy-to-use records operations on standard hardware, with real time updates and lower TCO. No docking required!
  • iCompli will work with all barcode and RFID scanners. No 3rd party applications or expensive, outdated hardware are needed.
  • iCompli is compatible with all mainstream devices including mobiles and tablets. Every area of the application (Records/IG as well as Practice Assistant-focused) can be viewed with any browser. By contrast, LegalKEY requires desktop installation, anchoring your staff to their desks and risking delays and data-inaccuracy.
  • Day-to-day operation of LegalKEY can easily result in any number
    of windows being open at a time. This risks confusion and mistakes. iCompli is built around the concept of one window per session and is therefore simpler and more intuitive.
  • iCompli offers significantly more flexible reporting capabilities, allowing for ad hoc reports across all metadata, extractable into Excel for further manipulation. LegalKEY reports are fixed-format and difficult to adjust for evolving requirements.
  • iCompli offers advanced features such as Inventories and Location Audits to allow for more in-depth tracking of records, with helpful color coding to give an instant picture of the status of your records.
  • iCompli offers flexible barcode ranges for Files, Subfiles and Boxes (including editable prefixes and suffixes). LegalKEY’s barcode ranges are fixed. This lends itself extremely well to ‘Paper Light’ strategies, automated routing of high value folders into “vault” boxes, and/or a scan/shred approach to physical copies of the electronic “record” copy.
  • iCompli offers the ability to store multiple barcodes against a single box, so the box can be tracked by your firm’s assigned barcode or by the offsite storage vendors barcode, as needed.
  • iCompli offers more advanced integrations with DM systems. The DM system can be embedded within iCompli for holistic information management and governance. Or alternatively, iCompli can be embedded inside the DM system to offer practice assistants and attorneys a single point of access for all content: physical or electronic, documents or records.
    LegalKEY is unable to provide this level of integration.
  • iCompli’s Dashboard gives all users an overview of records and their status, with color-coding and click-through (accessing relevant modules by clicking on intuitive tiles). LegalKEY offers no similar function. iCompli brings the key decisions and work requirements to the user, rather than the users having to look through a system to understand what they need to do.