Integration by design

iCompli integrates with all your Core Systems ensuring compliance obligations are met in real-time


Integrate your NetDocuments investment with iCompli, the most powerful RMS on the market, using iCompli’s powerful APIs and mappings. Also features In-App integration for seamless adoption.


iCompli integrates best-in-class Records Management with the document-handling power of leading document management systems through the use of APIs, drawing on LegalRM’s many years of proven expertise.

InTapp Suite

iCompli features real-time integration with InTapp Walls, Conflicts & Terms so you can base decisions on precise information, and apply pessimistic security models when needed.

Time & Billing Systems

iCompli’s cloud API means you can integrate in real-time with Elite Enterprise, Elite 3E, Aderant Expert, SAP, or whichever system you use.

Microsoft Active Directory, ADFS and SAML

Integration with powerful security, authentication, authorization and Single-sign-on for your entire organization.

Simple, safe adoption &
the freedom of the cloud

Proven, pain-free migration to the only available pure cloud RM solution

Migration from LegalKey

Because we have supported LegalKey for some of the world’s largest law firms, our understanding of LegalKey data is without peer. Our migration paths to iCompli are proven many times over and ensure a pain-free transition.

Migration from ARM, EliteRM and other legacy RM systems

A new RM system is only as good as its data. We have years of experience and proven approaches that thoroughly map and migrate your data and processes to iCompli.

Mobility & hardware independence

iCompli is the only available pure cloud RM solution. Any phone, tablet, desktop or browser device can see and update real-time data. You are freed from your desk and expensive proprietary hardware.

Single, simple-to-support codebase

iCompli runs on a single, rules-based codebase, with Turn-Off/Turn-On configuration. New features and functions are rolled in as updates, scheduled for your convenience, guaranteeing consistency.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

iCompli is underpinned by Microsoft Azure’s world-class security, elastic scalability and flexibility.

Exceptional user-experience

Intuitive, interactive tools help users to be self-reliant, reducing need for support

iCompli dashboard

Real-time, interactive, business-relevant views of records so the user is never working with stagnant or unreliable data. See the next steps in processes that are underway. Hover-over and click-through to deeper detail whenever needed.

Powerful search

Search across all the metadata related to your records. Search by location or globally across all stored data. Search across languages. Find clients by previous names. Save favorite searches for reuse. Export search results to Excel. Or if you prefer, navigate your records by tree-view.


One click scanning to fast-track digitalization projects. Transform paper to electronic. Destruction and link options in conjunction with your DMS.

Business rules

Configure rules and firm-specific data using system-provided options. Eliminate the need for customizations and the risks they incur.

Policy Engine

Automates the movement of content from production Document Management system libraries into archive systems, and the archiving and eventual destruction of records and documents.


Double-byte characters support language variations and multi-language for global firms. Search functions translate and search across languages.