Team IG are dedicated to equipping legal professionals with the essential knowledge and resources to proficiently manage the intricacies of information governance.

As a coalition of seasoned information governance specialists hailing from various law firms and business partners, our mission centres on delivering educational sessions that advocate for best practices, offer valuable insights, and share expert guidance in strategic information management.

In 2024 we are delivering a series of ILTA Masterclasses, that will be presented by clients and friends of LegalRM. To register or watch on demand any of the sessions, just click on the title.


LLM’s unleashed – Applying ChatGPT in information governance and compliance

During this ILTA Masterclass, Chris Hockey, Senior Associate with Alvarez & Marsal Disputes and Investigations focussed on the revolutionary impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT.

Chris delved into the dynamic world of LLMs, their growing significance and discussed practical, tangible ways these advanced AI tools can be leveraged to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and innovation in information governance projects and departments.

During this session he explored:
• The essentials of LLMs: Understanding what LLMs like ChatGPT are and how they function in the context of information governance.
• Practical applications: Real-world examples and case studies demonstrating how LLMs can be effectively utilized in legal information governance tasks, including document review, compliance checks, and data management.
• Strategic implementation: Guidelines and strategies for integrating LLMs into your existing information governance frameworks, ensuring a smooth digital transformation journey.


The importance of change management for successful IG

Almost any IG initiative is an exercise of change management. We are asking people to view things and work in ways that they are not accustomed to doing and encouraging them to develop new practices and habits.

During this ILTA Masterclass, Leigh Issacs, Senior Director of Information Governance at DLA Piper, focussed on the importance of communication, effective leadership styles, strategies on raising awareness within your organization and how collaboration with others both internal and external to the firm can benefit your goals and objectives.


Bringing order from chaos – addressing legacy silos of unstructured, ungoverned information

During this ILTA Masterclass Kathleen Jimenez, Senior Manager of Information Governance at White & Case argued that unstructured information can equal ungoverned information.

Kathleen then guided delegates through some practical steps to tame the chaos, that can be the result of legacy silos of data and offered insights on where to start, plus effective strategies for navigating and structuring extensive data sets.


Metrics – what to capture, why and how?

Metrics are a part of any strategy but monitoring our actions helps define what we want, what we need and measure progress towards goals that are set and tells us if we are improving or fix what’s not working.

During this ILTA Masterclass, Kate Wertime, Associate Director of Information Governance at Jones Day, will focus on what IG metrics are important, what to capture, why and how.


Hello. Goodbye… Goodbye. Hello

In recent years attorney movement from one firm to another has increased dramatically. To be successful, firms need to support this movement and ensure a smooth transition of data. Whether it be outward or inward, the client transfer needs to be compliant with internal information governance policies as well as the firms outside counsels’ guidelines. First impressions are key to building a long and fulfilling relationship with your firms’ new clients, so client service needs to be a priority throughout the procedure.

During this ILTA Masterclass Kandace Donovan, VP Operations, North America, at LegalRM and Carol A. Volle, Director of Information Governance at Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP will discuss the drivers, challenges and opportunities that matter mobility management presents and suggest some key strategies, processes, and approaches for reducing risks and costs.


Dissecting Microsoft Teams – What’s happening “behind the scenes”

As Microsoft Teams gains increasing utility and adoption, its diverse usage and data storage methods set it apart from conventional content repositories. To navigate this landscape, Information Governance professionals must grasp the intricacies of Teams’ architecture to meet crucial IG obligations such as retention and disposition, and matter mobility.

During this ILTA Masterclass, Kathleen Jimenez, Senior Manager of Information Governance at White & Case will delve “Behind the Scenes” of Teams and will unravel these complexities to equip you with the knowledge needed to address the challenge of managing data held in Teams effectively.

June 27, 2024. 11am EST / 4pm GMT