Low cost adoption
& transparent terms

By capability iCompli is the leading Records Management System.
How can we be the most cost-effective too?

The most capable RMS on the market has the lowest TCO

Free Adoption

We do not charge for implementation.
Adopt iCompli with zero up-front capital expenditure.

No Minimum Terms

You are never locked into a contract with iCompli. Subscribe for as long as iCompli delivers the capabilities you need.

Predictable Subscriptions

Regular incremental billing makes iCompli a manageable operating expense from day one.

Low-Cost Cloud

iCompli is a platform-independent cloud solution. It frees you from expensive overheads and the hidden proprietary costs that come with other RM Systems.


Save Time, Save Space, Save Money

Slash the cost of managing records

Save Time, Save Space, Save Money

Slash the crippling cost of managing records.

Ask yourself how much you spend on things that could be more efficient. Does it have to be that way?

Be Smart About Records Retention

ISO standards for Records Retention, Disposition and Clear Desk can mean significant cost. iCompli is shown to reduce the time to process and catalogue files by a factor of 7. Once properly tracked, records can be stored cost-effectively. iCompli helps you find and reduce shadow files too.

Make Spaces Pay

Firms are cluttering thousands of square feet of premium floor-space with records. Thorough records tracking with iCompli frees those spaces for better uses and new revenue.

Reduce Liability

Lost documents and failed audits mean costly litigation. Professional indemnity premiums rise with every claim. iCompli tells you where each record is and where it has been, greatly mitigating your financial risk.

Implement Disposition Policies Seamlessly

Bring about dramatic reductions in electronic and physical records held by the firm, and thus huge cost savings. Less content = lower storage costs!

Free Up Billable Time

All those hours spent processing records are hours that could be billed. iCompli streamlines time-consuming tasks so you can put your focus where it should be.

Optimize Staffing

Productive time is lost every day to document handling and the burden of inefficient systems. iCompli streamlines time-consuming tasks and eliminates the need to support IT infrastructure. Knowledge is reliably consolidated, getting it out of people’s heads. iCompli frees your staff to contribute in new and better ways.