Compliance, end-to-end

Thorough compliance through the entire records lifecycle

Records Security and Privacy

Ensure appropriate policies are applied to all physical & electronic records under your custody with iCompli’s unique Policy Engine.

Financial Services Market Abuse Directive

Demonstrate rigorous tracking of the sensitive records in your care and minimize the risk of inappropriate leaks.

Outside Counsel Guidelines

iCompli’s Policy Engine streamlines outside counsel guidelines for client-specific retention and disposition. Including real-time integration with Intapp Terms.

Ethical & Exclusionary Walls

iCompli includes powerful tools for creating and managing Ethical Walls and Exclusionary Walls to isolate records from inappropriate access. iCompli also features real-time integration with Intapp Walls and Intapp Conflicts.

Legal Holds

iCompli’s unique approach to Legal Holds takes account of real-world needs. Our unique Dual-level Hold helps you gather and audit records while respecting directives.

Mandated Destruction

Allows for court-ordered destruction or where parties agree to destroy content. Includes full audit trail and certification.

Peace of Mind

Protect the client’s property, and be seen to protect it

Are you equipped to handle the ever-changing statutory expectations for Records Management?
iCompli by LegalRM


iCompli’s Policy Engine reliably automates records retention, movement and disposition, and gives you the added power to override rules when needed, case by case.


As states and nations enact their own standards for Records Management, iCompli gives you the tools to handle the different demands, wherever you and your clients do business.

ISO Chain of Custody

Mitigate the risks of liability and reputational damage. iCompli track records through their entire lifecycle with check in/check out, signature capture, in-built audit and inventory modules showing disposition and location.

ISO 27001 Clear Desk Compliance

Detailed tracking & dashboards help you to comply AND demonstrate compliance.


iCompli’s RFID Tracker finds physical files within moments, even if hidden in cupboards or under piles of files. And because iCompli is a platform-independent cloud solution, there is no tie to specific proprietary hardware. Use your cellphone or tablet with your existing tracking device.


Audits that used to take months, now take minutes.

The Document Services Manager for a renowned international law firm describes their experience with iCompli from LegalRM:

“We had a system which was antiquated. Modifications were impossible. We had ideas and aspirations we wanted to try, and we were keen to use RFID to help with Compliance.

Documents and records go missing in the course of business. 9 times out of 10 a simple human error has led to misplacement. But a lot of time can be spent looking for a document. Meanwhile, associates are losing further time because they can’t work on the misplaced document. The business takes a double hit.

It is paramount that the document is found quickly. But it is often very hard to track through the history of a document and understand where it has been and where it might be.

We explored the idea of fixed RFID readers over doors and around our building. LegalRM brought a much simpler, much cheaper solution: a simple hand-held reader that can be easily and conveniently carried around the building.”

Now our auditing is radically faster and more reliable. For example, a manual audit of 20,000 to 30,000 records takes around 3 to 4 months of people hours. With iCompli and RFID we can capture all the data in 1 hour and validate it in seconds.
With iCompli, audits that used to take months, now take minutes. That means we can audit as regularly as we need and be confident about compliance.