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iCompli isn’t just the best set of RM tools, it’s the complete set

Meeting the User’s Real Needs

Manage All Records – Physical & Electronic

Track and manage both electronic and physical records from a single, powerful platform.

Visual File Management

Tree-view hierarchy of files for easy and logical navigation.

Global, Local, and Multi-Location Search

Search across your entire records metadata globally, or by criteria such as location. Search across languages, find clients by previous names, save favorite searches for reuse and export results to Excel.

Reporting & Export to Excel

Easily access powerful reporting and export results to Excel for even greater flexibility.

Runs in

Chain of Custody & Access Controls

Collection, Check-In & Check-Out

Continual, granular tracking of physical records, their locations, and Chain of Custody.

Request Queuing

Visual, interactive views of queued requests and their status.

Role-based Permissions

Roles determine the access and feature permissions of users, by group.

Tracking & Inventory

Location Audit

Allows the items physically stored at a location to be compared with their registered location, and corrective action to be taken where needed.


Apply RFID tags to Files or Boxes retroactively. Make changes to existing RFID tags.


Scan ad-hoc areas such as conference rooms, storage areas or clients’ offices for files.


Create, modify, queue and print folder and insert labels.

Barcode Management

Sophisticated barcode management, enabling rapid identification of files by type.

Storage Optimization

Box Management

Create, fill, track and manage boxes from a single, coordinated tool.

File & Box Relocation

Easy-to-use tracking, search and history for file and box relocation.

Locations, Floors & Offices

Facilitate delivery and collection by associating staff with specific locations.

Metadata Center

Allows a cost to be allocated to every action recorded in iCompli, facilitating cost recovery, allocations, and financial reporting.

Processing Basket

Allows populations of items to be brought together for processing.

Retention & Policy Automation

Retention Management

Review, apply and edit retention dates for a file or batches of files. Manage destruction runs or report on files for recently closed matters.

Policy Engine

Create rules and prioritizations for managing records retention in iCompli, document management systems and more.

Unique Due Diligence Tools

Ethical & Exclusionary Walls

Automate and enforce access restrictions to avoid conflicts of interest.

Legal Hold (Dual-Level)

Legal Holds restrict the actions that can be taken with files. Pending Legal Holds allow some functions such as file relocation to allow files to be gathered together. Full Legal Holds prevent the majority of actions.

Matter & Submatter management

Enables separate handling of matters and submatters whenever needed.

Client Management

Options for managing client details outside the customer record when required.

Lateral Hire & Matter Mobility

Streamline the onboard and offboarding of laterals, as well as movement of records to new clients, matters or lawyers.

Immediate, Current & Mobile

Your records are not at your desk. So why are you?

Complete Mobility

Keeping track of records is not a static exercise. They may be onsite or offsite, carefully kept or just left in a pile on the floor. Keeping track will often mean moving around. iCompli works on any device, in real-time. Take your tablet or phone and access the complete set of functions and features, wherever you may be.

Real-Time Information & Real-Time Interaction

Because iCompli lives in the cloud and delivers in real-time to any device, the information you’re seeing is always up to date. Your actions and updates take effect immediately. There’s no need to work offline, no syncing after the fact. Just accurate, reliable business information when and where you need it.

Case Study: A day in the life of a records manager

Every step is structured & simplified by iCompli

  • Create a File, approve and print a label
  • Pick-up and deliver to destination
  • Receive deliveries from external sources
  • Capture signatures and movements, track receipt
  • Check out, check in, and manage requests
  • Collect file for storage, sort and transport
  • Scan to template locations indicating readiness for offsite / 3rd party storage
  • Track down missing files with process-analysis or RFID
  • Simple document retrieval at any point in the flow, enabling location audits
  • Handle client name changes
  • Map to account details, matter info, descriptions and other metadata
  • Align with Time & Billing
  • Manage client records, matters, terms of business, conflicts checks, credit checks, engagement letters, retention expectations
  • Manage the HR and IT records relating to clients

A global law firm has this to say about iCompli from LegalRM:

With iCompli we can scan a tagged record to our database in real-time, eliminating that risk of duplication that comes when you have to work offline and sync the data later. iCompli is simple and elegant. It’s an intuitive way to get data into our database.

“LegalRM thought about all the hidden traps like accidental duplication and made their product idiot-proof. The tools are very visual and fast to use. An intuitive traffic light feature shows us what has been found and what has not. We know almost immediately what is missing and can begin searching for missing documents very quickly.

Tag finder helps us when originals go out to associates, often in a secure area. We needed the ability to search a physical area just to know what’s there. iCompli’s Inventory Search allows us to take a hand held reader to a practice group, quickly scan all the documents there, and pull up very detailed data of what’s there, where it should be, and who with.

We can flag exactly what’s there to the practice group and check if they still need it, raising awareness of documents that could be in a more secure or appropriate place.

With Seek and Find functionality, tagged items can be detected within 30 feet. If a document is locked in an office, we can find it from outside. And if we enter a tag number into the reader it guides us to the corresponding document, beeping louder and louder the closer we are, like a homing beacon.

Now we are thinking about other ways iCompli can help us, such as our knowledge library. Books are expensive and often misplaced. iCompli will help us track and quickly audit books and potentially other things.

LegalRM have consistently listened to us, taken our ideas and developed good solutions, and contributed extra ideas and insights we hadn’t thought of.”