Standing with PRIDE

Standing with our LGBTQIA+ community is something we live out each day not just during PRIDE month. It is set in the core values of our company and the people we employ. Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) are paramount tenets for LegalRM as we recognize there is growth in self and company when DEI is embraced.

We embrace the opportunities to learn from each other and further seek to understand the challenges we each face and how we, as a team and as individuals, can aid each other in overcoming them. This is not only embraced by and for our team but our clients and in our communities as well. Practicing what we preach gains the meaningful outcomes we seek.

We are all part of a community whether at work, home, in our cities or towns, provinces, states, or countries. We are all on this earth together and making those communities inclusive and welcoming for all is an investment we cannot afford to overlook, disparage, or marginalize if we aim to succeed.

So, please join us in celebrating and embracing our LGBTQIA+ community where you live and work not just this month but each day to come!

Donda L. Young, CIP