Efficiently manage the challenge (and opportunity!) of client transfers

In recent years attorney movement from one firm to another has increased dramatically.

To be successful firms need to support this movement and ensure a smooth transition of data. Whether it be outward or inward, the client transfer needs to be compliant with internal information governance policies as well as the firms outside counsels’ guidelines.

And don’t forget that first impressions are key to building a long and fulfilling relationship with your firms’ new clients, so client service needs also to be a priority throughout the procedure.

iCompli supports firms to efficiently manage the challenge (and opportunity!) of matter mobility, by streamlining the process of client file transfers accurately, whilst reducing risk and improving client service.

  • Record transfer requests for on and off boarding, or a client request.
  • Collate and appraise the data for migration / ingestion.
  • Automate transfer workflows and reporting on actions and status.
  • Create an audit trail of actions and approvals.